The career monitoring survey for graduates from universities of applied sciences starts – more than 27,000 graduates will be asked to respond to the survey


Arene´s press release:


The national career monitoring survey of universities of applied sciences is used to gather information on the employability of graduates, the whole of their careers and their satisfaction with their careers and degrees. The survey will be sent to all those who completed their university of applied sciences studies five years ago, i.e., graduated in 2016.


The career monitoring survey provides up-to-date world of work information on, for example, the employment of graduates, their career paths and the general expertise needed in the world of work that is common to different fields. The information is important in the development of education and in study counselling.


The constantly changing world of work requires continuous learning and developing one’s own competences. It is no longer enough for a graduate to have good field-specific competences in their field, but the student must have the ability to learn and to embrace the new, for example. The survey produces information on what kind of competences university of applied sciences alumni themselves consider important after five years of working, says Ida Mielityinen, Executive Director at Arene.


One of the objectives of the national survey is to produce information on whether the university of applied sciences graduates have been satisfied with the education they have received. The career monitoring survey contains questions selected for the funding model that aim to assess the quality of education.  Based on the responses connected to the funding model, the Ministry of Education and Culture distributes 3% of the basic funding to universities of applied sciences.


The target group of the career monitoring survey are those who graduated from a university of applied sciences five years ago.


On 13 October this year, a career monitoring survey will be sent by e-mail and text message to all students who graduated with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 2016. Universities of applied sciences hope that as many graduates as possible share their experiences of their studies and career. The career monitoring survey of universities of applied sciences is carried out at the same time as the university career monitoring survey.



Further information:

Project Manager

Satu Helmi

Turku University of​Applied Sciences


Previous career monitoring survey results can be found at

the Finnish National Agency for Education’s Education Statistics Finland portal Vipunen