Result services

Vipunen – Education Statistics Finland

A service open for all. Contains extensive statistical and indicator information on the education in different sectors and placement after the education, research conducted at higher education institutions and the structure of the education of the population and students’ socio-economic background.

The töissä.fi service

A service open for all. The primary target groups are students, those applying for a study place and those working in the field of career guidance.


The AILA service

In the future the career monitoring materials will be available for research, teaching and study purposes from the Finnish Social Science Data Archive’s AILA service.


Results of the surveys 

UAS’ career monitoring survey – results of the graduates of 2015

UAS’ career monitoring survey –results of the graduates of 2014

UAS’ career monitoring survey –results of the graduates of 2013


More results are available on the Finnish site.