Contents of the survey

Career monitoring survey for UAS graduates

The career monitoring survey plays an important part in the development of education and students’ career guidance. Based on the results, help is provided for the current students contemplating on their future careers. Similarly, university of applied sciences’ education is further developed to better meet the demands of the existing working life. The background information data is collected from Virta, the national data supply of Finnish higher education institutions, which is maintained by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Themes of the career monitoring survey:

The survey mainly consists of multiple-choice questions and a couple of open questions.

  • Background information (from the student records)
  • Prior education and work experience
  • Satisfaction with the degree in terms of the career (recognition and appreciation of the degree, abilities generated/produced/given/engendered by the degree / derived from the degree, overall satisfaction, willingness to recommend your former higher education institution (NPS)
  • Entity of the career (employment, interruptions in the career, satisfaction, entrepreneurship, working in a field corresponding to the degree)
  • Placement in working life (profession, sector, field, salary, location of the workplace)
  • Postgraduate education, reasons for the education
  • Equivalence of one’s own competence and work
  • Importance of generic competences in own work vs. how the studies developed them
  • Tips for current students
  • Future career hopes

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