The career Monitoring survey for 2016 graduates has ended

Uraseurantakyselyn 2021 tulokset

The UAS nationwide Career Monitoring Survey reached 9677 alumni, how have graduated in year 2016. The national response rate which was better compared to year 2020 (34%). However, there were differences between UAS response rates. Response rates varied from 59.5 to 26.7 percent. It is great alumni are eager to give feedback. Although the national response rate has improved, there  are still challenges to reach alumni.

The past Career Monitoring Survey tested a new way to reach respondents. This time, alumni received both a text message and an email simultaneously.  The response rate was exceptionally high during the first two days of survey, since almoset 19 % of alumni responded then

 Reporting of results

Higher education institutions have access to their university-specific results through the ARVO system. National survey results will be available to everyone in December from the Education Administration’s reporting portal Vipunen. The results of past year are also available at Vipunen portal.